File damaged : communication with host error. What can be done

Discussion created by bryancassady on Nov 22, 2017
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We keep the following error messages in a file which accesses people's linkedin profiles

- the errors happen on more than one computer

- we have exported the data and created a new file, so the issue is not a database issue

I called filemaker support they said


  1. The filemaker webbrowser- might might not work with a site liked linkedin
  2. Any errors can't be due to their program- we must have set up our database wrong
  3. The even went so far to suggest- the data in our file must be causing the crash
  4. And to top things off they said- "we don't support the use of our program and make no guarantees it will work"

frustrating... anyone else have similar issues  ?
better yet, has anyone found a solution to a similar issue









The file is hosted locally on a single user machine with no remote connections

Version = filemaker 14


Question: What can be done to solve this issue ?