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Not sure how to show relating records in value list

Question asked by informationator on Nov 21, 2017
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Hi there,


I for some reason cannot show relating records in a value list.

Consider the ERD at the bottom of this post.


For simplicity I will refer to RFQ as a Quote, and you can think of it like that for simplicity.


job_RFQ_ITEMS is a table which lists the line items of a quotation (There is another table not shown which has the quotes in it)


job_RFQ_ITEM_SPECIFICATION is a list that shows all of the individual specifications of the line item. (These are dynamic and creating another table was necessary)

          Examples of data:      _id    |     Type      |     Description    

                                               1     |   Material  |     Metal


rfq_supplier is an intermediary record that relates RFQ_Items to Factories that will supply the item.



rfq_supplier_FACTORY is a table of all suppliers / factories that a quote item could be made from.



I am in a layout which has a table occurrence of rfq_supplier_factory and is used to search for different factories. You can select a Factory which then adds the record to rfq_supplier. The solution uses global variables to remember what RFQ_Item you previously selected.


I am trying to create a value list on a layout which has the table occurrence of 'rfq_supplier_FACTORY' which is used to search the different RFQ_Item-Specifications which relate to the RFQ_item which ultimately will be inserted into RFQ_supplier as a record. (Described in above paragraph)



How can I achieve this?






Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 2.21.49 PM.png