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RangeBeacons function has no timeout in FileMaker Go 16

Question asked by Michael Leung on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by Michael Leung

Product and version : FileMaker Go 16.0.3


OS and version : iOS 11.1.2  / 10.3.2


Hardware : iPad Pro / iPhone 7 Plus


Description : I has tried to use RangeBeacons function to collect nearby iBeacons with FileMaker Go 16. It seems that the timeout is not work when I run it again. I had tried to run the same file and script in FileMaker Go 15 and no such as problem.


How to replicate : Create a new script with RangeBeacons function and run it more than one time in FileMaker Go 16.


Workaround : Quit and relaunch file and FileMaker Go 16 after the RangeBeacons function processed.