Conditional Value List for Two Teams on Same Layout

Discussion created by pademo57 on Nov 22, 2017
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My wife is a coach for 2 teams in different Divisions (U16 and U19). She wants to record the games and the actions that take place. I set up 3 tables:


DivisionsAndTeams, Games and Actions.(Shown in the 1st attachment)


I wanted to set up the Games layout that when you selected a Division it would only show teams from that Division for the the Home Team and the Visitor Team. (attachment 2) Which works using the Popup Menu and override for the Names of the teams.


But when I try to add a record to the Action table instead of showing the Visitor Team Name it shows the _pk_TeamID. However the Home Team Name works.


I thought about getting the team names and putting them into global variables, i.e. $$HomeTeam, $$VisitorTeam.


But is there a better way to have a Conditional Value List that can work in 2 different Popups on the same layout?