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FM12 sees access privileges as damaged, when later versions don’t

Question asked by johnwhite on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by gdurniak

I have a troubling and puzzling situation in which a file that's functioning without incident when hosted by FMS, fails to open in standalone FMP, reporting damage to access privileges. I haven't come across any report on this site of a similar situation.



  • The file is old, as in, pre-version-7 old. I understand it has received annual maintenance consisting of saving and deploying a compacted copy.
  • The file is fairly large (690 Mb, 85k recs), with exactly one container field in a 1-record table. It's the flagship in a database of 50+ files.
  • It's hosted under FMS 12 and accessed by clients running FMP12.
  • The file’s access privileges are minimal: aside from the built-in guest account and the three built-in private sets, there’s exactly one account. It’s assigned to full-access and has no password. (I know. Please don’t yell at me, it’s not my call.)
  • FMS runs three backup schedules, repeating at weekly, daily and half-day periods. One of the backups includes an integrity check.



  • When a backed-up copy is downloaded, FMP 12 can't open it, reporting “access privileges in this file have been damaged or possibly tampered with”.
  • FMA16 can open it and save a compacted copy.
  • In fact, all versions of FMA 13 or higher can do the same.
  • I’ve tried a couple of variations on the following steps: Open in v13, delete the one account, create a Save-Compacted copy, re-create the account in the Compacted copy, then try opening in v12. The result is the same.
  • Key point: This issue is not a recent development. The symptoms were recorded (but not dealt with) 4 months ago, but not encountered during last year's maintenance work.

Naturally, my goal is to end up with a file that doesn’t display these symptoms. I’m quite sure the client will pay for a rebuild only if absolutely cornered because they’re in the process of migrating to a Salesforce system.



I would settle for deploying a copy of the file that’s been compacted by a higher-version app, on the assumption that it’s in better shape, even if v12-desktop thinks it has a problem.



Finally, I’d like to know: more about this; whether anybody has seen the same; and what’s causing FM 12’s behaviour.



— John