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Field Naming Conventions-relative to new JSON features, including ODBC SQL connections

Question asked by Tdrossi on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by beverly

Hello FM Community,

I know the topic of field naming conventions is, and has been, a hot topic for quite some time (and not just with FM). I've been reading quite a bit about the topic, both in the FM world as well as the SQL and Javascript worlds...


I'm about to work on a project that will include using the XML and the JSON REST API (connection with several JSON API's), while also connecting to SQL DB's using ODBC.


In terms of pascal case (PascalCase) or underscore (under_score) field formatting, I'm wondering if you have advice with real world experiences on this topic especially when working with other professionals - such as those who may be working on the SQL connections.


Does the JSON API make any difference in this process? Camel Case or Pascal Case seems to be the norm with Javascript, yet underscore seems to be the norm for SQL. What about field naming relative to the iOS SDK or integration with other plugins and services? Some have said that the underscore allows them to remove the underscore and replace with a space when connecting to other API's...thoughts on this?


My reading has found that the "key" in many people's opinions is to simply pick one and to be consistent. Yet many have also said that they didn't have a choice in field naming, as the projects they work on already have a field naming convention in place.


Now that I have the choice, I am pondering the two formats before beginning this project.


Thank you in advance for any feedback and advice,