FM A 16 - Add New Record ... not

Discussion created by synergy46 on Nov 22, 2017
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I have an HOA Membership app.  (below)


If a member transfers / sells a lot to another entity, that entity should be a 'member' in the app.  This is necessary because i have a popup list that is composed of Members.  Once selected, the 'buyer' entity/Member automatically gets seller information in their record:  data of purchase, seller etc.... This all works.


However, it is possible (and therefore should be coded to compensate for), the buyer is NOT yet a member.  So, to keep things simple, I ask the question 'Is the buyer currently in the membership database'?  If 'no', then I want to add a new member.


This I do by opening another window (based on Members) with a simple layout that 'should' allow the user to add a new member.  (see below)



The script to open this window is:


The problem is:  "Although I click 'Add Member' and go back to the main Members screen, nothing is added.  I refresh the window... nothing... I change records... nothing.   I run the 'show all' script ... nothing.  There were 15 members before I 'added' a new record and there are 15 afterwords.


What am I missing???  Shouldn't this work?