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Scheduled Import on Server causing client to hang

Question asked by mactabby on Nov 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by wimdecorte

Hi - I have built a stock management system in FMProAdv 16 which imports data from Sage 50 via ODBC using a FM Server schedule which runs every 20 minutes.  I have four import scripts and they each take a few seconds to run (<10s generally).  I am having problems with FMPro 16 Windows clients freezing (i.e. beachballing) during the import and remaining frozen for up to two minutes after the scripts complete, before regaining functionality.  This happens even when I am the only client connected to the server, and when the server appears completely unstressed (quad core Intel Xeon with 32Gb RAM running Windows Server 2012 R2, windows clients on gigabit ethernet LAN).  It also happens if I am not actively using the client but return to it a minute or so after the script has completed.


It appears to be one of the four scripts which causes this - if I remove it from the schedule it doesn't happen. That script is not substantially different from the others - it imports 15 fields (4 indexed) across 5000 records using match & add on a blank layout.  I have also tried reducing this script to import only three fields, one of which is indexed, and the issue persists.


The user's layout on the FMPro client does not include any data which I would expect to update as a result of this import.  All data on this layout is generated from lookups which are refreshed by a different script which is manually triggered by the user when they want to refresh the data (lookups because it's a heavily analytical stock forecasting module which would be unusably slow if it calculated everything live).


Any idea what is causing this issue and what I can do to avoid it?  I can't run the imports out of hours as the whole point is to give the users access to 'near' real-time stock data during the day.


Many thanks in advance.