What's the best way to move container contents between databases?

Discussion created by usermac on Nov 22, 2017
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Using FMS16, I'm about to open an web order system using WebDirect where clients drop up to six files into a single container(storage=6). This is just a holding area. I really want them into our live system, another database. I've got their text moving via JSON and scripting, it works. I want the file move to be separate for reasons of speed when they hit "submit". Once they do, it quickly offers them a summary. I then want to move the files in the background, quietly.


Both databases are on the same server, macOS.


What I've been successfully testing is using base64encode and decode and even putting them in JSON as above however, I worry if they put six-six megabyte files in there it will choke. I've also mastered exporting to Servers' documents folder but then I stopped when I realized the folder import was limited to images and text files only. Who knows. Is there a better way? Lemme know. Thx.


The image below is just eye candy but the code works from bottom to top (f4 to f3 then into f2 that is) as a test of pre-JSON movement as text. Happy Thanksgiving.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 3.48.54 PM.png