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Question about a related portal

Question asked by leonhart1981_1 on Nov 24, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2017 by leonhart1981_1

I have created a specification table for my product and in that database I want to have a related portal that showing the customers who bought my product and their own product name since I am the OEM factory.


In this case, what should I do to make it happen?


What I can think of is to create:

  • Customer database with fields of pkCustomerID and Customer Name
  • Customer's product database with fields of pkCustomerProductID, fkCustomerID, and CustomerProductName


But for the related portal in my specification database, I don't want to use pop-up menu to choose my customer name & their product name. I want to be able to type it and the related fields can locate the source from either the customer database or customer's product database.


Can this be done? Please help me out~~~