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Does a Filemaker server have to be dedicated

Question asked by jeffsb on Nov 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by wimdecorte

I have developed a FileMaker solution for a small nonprofit organization and because we are spread out, from Connecticut to Oklahoma to California, it needs to be available online. We are currently using FileMaker 14 and Triple8 is our host -- it all works just fine.


We are considering hosting the solution our self because, with FileMaker's new licensing requirements, the cost for commercial hosting of FileMaker 15 and above is much more expensive because of FileMaker's requirement that commercial hosting of FM 15 and above be on a dedicated server.


Thus we are faced with the choice of either being stuck on FileMaker 14 into the future or paying a commercial hosting company a lot more money or hosting FM ourselves and thus we are considering the latter.


Here are my two questions. First, would a network speed of 25 Mb per second be fast enough for hosting FileMaker for a small operation, with rarely more than one or two people online at a time? Second if we configure a Mac Mini to be the host, would it be possible to use that Mac Mini for running other programs also, such as working on our publications on QuarkXPress? Or would the Mac Mini have to be used for nothing else except as a FileMaker server.


Thank you for any help in clarifying this for us!