Data killer?

Discussion created by keysolutions on Nov 24, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by Vaughan

I have a solution which works already a couple of years as it should. It’s originally build in FM11.

All of a sudden since working with FileMaker 16 we stumble into a problem where, instead of deleting some related records, the whole related table is empty.

The procedure behind the button (deleting a record if some criteria are met) has not been changed over the years.

But now and then (unfortunatly we’re not able to reproduce) FileMaker decides to empty the whole table. There is no truncate table in the scripts, it’s only simply delete found records. But none of the relations between both table show ALL records. It’s only shown when ID’s are equal.


Just wonder if there is anyone else who has a similar problem.

For now I hope I have a workaround. That is show the users how many record I want to delete.


My main worry is that it occurred for the first time when we moved to Server 16. And since there are more problems with this version…