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Blank first record

Question asked by sidetrack_ca on Nov 24, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2017 by Ben

In my projects it seems when i open a layout for the first time there is no record shown on the screen, however if i exit that layout and return to it at a later time (without ever leaving the application) the last record that was displayed is shown in the fields on the screen. I want to open a layout and have the fields showing with no information in them regardless if it's the first time i have opened that layout.


I have been handling this by always making sure to have a blank first record in the table.  When i open the layout i have a script that checks to see if the current record is the record number of the first record (in this example #28). if so it sets every field in the record to "", commits the record and starts a new record. It works and it's fast, but however I feel like this is a cumbersome and tedious approach.


I have been asked why I just don't issue a new record script step upon opening the layout.  I don't do that because the layout has the ability to look up a record or add a new record.  if I setup the layout to automatically start a new record, then if the user tries to search for a record FM displays a "do you want to save the current record" message box and I really don't want that to display.


In other applications (like MS Access) you could have fields on screen that have no connection to a table called "Unbound Fields" that way when you open a layout the fields show but since there is no table associated with the "Unbound Fields" everything appears blank.


thanks for your help and advice,