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Reason for decreased remote calls?

Question asked by MatteoKrings on Nov 24, 2017

By chance I have noticed that an operation takes a surprisingly large amount of remote calls to the server. At least in relation to what I had expected.

I then made a layout change involving a change in relationship structure needed for this layout and the remote calls went down to almost 5% of the original number.


I would like to understand the reasons for this decreased number. Can anybody help?


The setup looks as follows:


Students fill in their schedule for an internship in a primary school. They have 6 records/entries per day of the internship, which lasts 15 days.


  • On the left there is a portal showing the 90 entries of the internship.
  • In the middle there are some fields (begin, end, note,…) of the selected entry from the portal on the left and the user can type some information into them. Basically a master-detail structure.
  • On the right there is another portal that serves as a picker containing the possible subjects to choose from. The script that runs from this picker relates the subject to the selected entry.


The picker on the right is a virtual list.


The portal on the left is a virtual list as well, because I wanted to display the data in a certain way (the date only on the first portal row for the respective day and not on each row). The IDs of the entries are collected when entering the layout (not by script triggers) and the virtual table is related to the table containing the entries via multiline key.


By selecting a subject from the picker the script runs and generates the server calls.


The only modification I have made: I have pointed the portal directly to the entries and not via virtual table. I have NOT altered the picker script.


It  goes from 83 remote calls to 5 on Webdirect and from 26 to 5 on the client.


Is it because of the "entry table" connected to the virtual table? I have other occasions where I used a virtual list (with all the information in the virtual table, not just the IDs) for a master-detail structure without the increased remote calls.





Matteo Krings