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Different serial numbers for different invoices

Question asked by ntf on Nov 26, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hello everybody!

I am new to filemaker and this community.

I am trying to make a solution from invoice template. I will keep customers and products tables and I want to modify invoices table to accept 2 types of invoices.

Sales invoice

Work invoice

I want to keep lines table, which is related to products table for both invoices.

My problem is that I want 2 series of serial numbers, 1 for sales invoice and 1 for work invoice. To explain more, when I create a new record, I want to choose type of invoice (maybe a drop down list?) and then the next serial number depending on type of invoice to appear at a field (invoice ID).

New record 1 -> Sales invoice No 1

New record 2 -> Sales Invoice No 2

New record 3 -> Work Invoice No 1

New record 4 -> Sales Invoice No 3

I believe it would be better to keep both invoices in 1 table. Of course, I don't mind doing that with different tables for each invoice, each one related to customers and product tables.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!