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Question asked by synergy46 on Nov 25, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2017 by philmodjunk


As currently designed, a pop-up menu will, when the underlying record changes (Smith to Smithe for example), also change the Name field referenced by the Pop-Up.

However, if the Primary::Name record is deleted, the Popup shows the FK and looses the link to the Primary::Name.

I 'Get' why this happens.

The work around is to create a calculated field referencing the Primary::Name  and lay it on top of the FK field.

However, doing this means that if the user CHANGES the Primary::Name field (Smith to Smithe), the change does NOT flow through and show on the calculated field.




Why not have, on the Pop-Up definition screen "Lock If Primary Record deleted" Y/N

In that case, if the primary table field is deleted, the 2nd Pop-up field (showing the name) would 'freeze' the name and NOT show the FK.  Otherwise, if not deleted, changes would show as before. No kludgey calculated field work around.


(I know, easy to say, but you ARE Filemaker... where doing the difficult is easy. Right?) 8-)