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Eliminate Repeated rows in a list.

Question asked by tbirdroy on Nov 26, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hi, I have a layout that shows information for groups, by an ID#. Thus I have a list view with sections for JRW1, JRW2, JRW3, and JRW4. These are four different people in my Junior Woodwind Competition. All is good until I get to the Quartets! Now there are four people with the ID of CMW1, four people with CMW2, four people with CMW3, etc.


The information on the list is the same for all the four people in the group (although some information on the records is different, i.e., their individual names, addresses, teachers, etc. - thus needing to have a separate record for each person). This information needed on my list consists of ID#, Time of performance, and Repertoire performed.


As my layout is set up, I now have four entries of the same information for each group - because there are four records. Is there anyway to do something to have only one of these entries show up on the layout? There are four groups of four people each. So instead of having four rows of information, I have 16 rows - every row repeating the same information for that group.


I can't just give one of the members of each group the ID#, as we have to have the information on each member. This is probably going to be more complicated than my skill set at present, but thought I would ask anyway. I think this is my last "feature" that I am going to correct until next year sometime, but wanted to give it one last effort. Thanks, Roy