Get( RecordOpenState ) returns 3?

Discussion created by arnoldkegebein on Nov 27, 2017
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FileMaker Pro 16 help page for the function Get( RecordOpenState ) [] says about possible return values:


  • 0 for a closed (committed) record
  • 1 for a new record that hasn’t been committed
  • 2 for a modified record that hasn’t been committed
  • 3 for a deleted record that hasn’t been committed

In previous FileMaker versions only the return values 0…2 are mentioned.


I have a hard time to create a scenario where Get( RecordOpenState ) will return 3.

First I tried an OnRecordCommit trigger script, but unfortunately, the trigger will not fire when the record is deleted.


Does anybody ever had or can create a situation where the return value is 3?




That reminds me of all the product ideas around triggers:

onRecordCreate, onRecordDelete and onRecordModify script triggers

More triggers, with BEFORE and AFTER; new AfterScriptError trigger

Trigger OnMouseClick and function Get( TriggerMouseClickInfo )

onRecordExit script trigger

onIdle Script Trigger

Buttons AND Script Triggers in Preview Mode

and so much more