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Question asked by Wicktor on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by Wicktor

This might be an easy question but need help.

I have an unstored text calculated field u_TAG_QUALITY (unstored because its value is calculated from related tables and it might have 1 out of 5 different possibilities and its value depends also on previous records in the same Table).

When I produce statistics in a related table I need to count how many of those 5 possibilities.

Using Count on unstored field takes significant time in particular if there are u_TAG_QUALITY unstored fields in many other tables.

Therefore I was trying to have stored TAG_QUALITY fields in each table that are automatically updated when the unstored fields are recalculated.

I tried a script trigger onObjectModify on the unstored fields, seems not to work.

I tried a script trigger onRecordCommitt on layout but seems to fail.

Any help please ?