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Invoice solution

Question asked by janerikstefan on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by philmodjunk

I need help with an invoice solution. I have one table for all my clients. I have one table for invoices and a solution that works by putting a clients name and adress right into a new invoice.It works with a script. I choose the right client in my adress table. Once there i move to my invoice table and press a button that releaes a script.

I have now created a new table, for a second type of invoice and I want to get the same function, with a script, as in the original invoice table. But it doesn´t work the way I want it, almost but not fully.

The script is as follows:

1 If Get (Account...)

2 Go to layout (Invoice 1(comp1))

3 New post

4 Go to field (Comp1::Client nr)

5 "glue in"

6 Go to field (Adress::Last name)

7 end if


With that script I get the following action: Invoice table opens a new invoice, with new serial number, with name and adress to client, that have been choosen in Adress table.


I have copied the script with the accurate Changes in terms of tables and fields but the action doesn´t copy.t works the first time but when I change clien and push the button, I get a new invloice, new serial number but the client doesn´t c

What do I do wrong? Why is the last action in the script to go to Adress::Last name? I didn´t write the script myself, someone else did it years ago.


I hope someone can help me.


Best, Stefan