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FileMaker Cloud - ESS to mysql on AWS

Question asked by amsc on Nov 27, 2017
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So, I know this is quite a "newbie" question, but I'm somewhat stuck.  I have a small mysql database / web server that I'm using as a transfer point for other services (the other services need a url to pull the data from).  Although I can handle the data exchange and cleanup with HTTP calls, I'd like to setup an ODBC / ESS relationship from FM Cloud to the mysql database so I can manage the data more directly.  The mysql database is on a separate AWS instance which requires the use of security keys.  I don't see a place to specify a key in the FM Cloud console.  Do I need to set the keys up within the linux instance itself?  If so, where do I put it?  in the .ssh directory?  Also, some advice on how to configure it would be appreciated... 


Also, does the mysql driver in the FM Cloud console work with mysql 5.6? 


I've tried to find the answers to this in blogs and documents, but haven't been able to figure this out yet.  If this exists somewhere, just point me to the right place.