Access File on server as an external data source

Discussion created by jimc1 on Nov 27, 2017
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I have a file on a remote server that I can open from home using its IP address in the Host tab of the Launch Center (FMP16 Advanced and Windows 10). I need to use this same file as an External Data Source defined in Manage External Data Sources. I have copied the file from the server to Dropbox, and can access it there.


I have gotten the Manage External Data Source to accept file path: fmnet:/"ip address"/file name and file path: filewin:/"ip address"/file name. I didn't expect either to work, and they didn't. Is there a way to find an external data source on a server through the internet when I know the ip address and file name? This has worked with my file and the remote file residing in Dropbox so that they share the same relative path.


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