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Again on copying an unstored field into a stored field

Question asked by vincer on Nov 28, 2017
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I have a question similar to at least two other previous questions posted by others but more critical.

Previous posts are

Look-up from same Table



My actual solution.

A Students-Athletes table is made for testing students/athletes on performing specific tasks.

The performance is calculated in time (minutes:seconds), lower time = higher performance

Every time the same task is completed an unstored field calculates the actual performance compared to previous trials.

The students may repeat the same task multiple times until they reach the expected performance.


The relationship graphic is very easy

STUDENTS     TASK               TASK.NAME

Name_pk   <-> Name_fk   <-> Name_fk


The Performance_Score field is calculated as follows:

Case (

Time = “”; “”;

Date = Min ( and Time > Expected_Time; "Baseline";

Time ≤ Expected_Time; "Task Completed";

Time = Min (; "Best Score";

Time = Max (; "Worst Score";

Time < Average (; "Above Average";

Time > Average (; "Below Average"; "")


For students's feedback, an other unstored field calculates average Time as: Average (


This method is useful for a number of reasons:

- it permits counting how many trials the student has made before reaching expected performance

. the overall student’s average performance

- the student can compare each trial with previous trials

- the unstored Performance field updates every trial based on all trials


Now the question:

How can I have an other stored Performance field that would save time for statistics calculations.

I tried a stored field with auto-enter calculation using the same formula above but it does dot update every record (as it does the unstored field)

Maybe my fault ?


Many Thanks for your advices,