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Search not working as expected, missing records...

Question asked by evance on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by beverly

Hi there,


I have just stumbled upon something very awkward, at least IMHO. I have got some data in a text-field and I am performing a search / find – this is what is happening and the output I'd expect:


Data in text field (real example):

  • A 0111
  • B0111
  • B0116
  • TZ0113
  • [...]


Search string:

"0111" finds "A 0111" but not "B0111"


What's up with that? I've also noticed upon evaluation that searching for a 'nested' string like 'begleitend' in 'Berufsbegleitende' returns false – this is not what I (or the enduser) would expect from the search functionality.


Is there a way I can render FileMaker to pick up on partial / nested matches like this?



I figured out how to adjust my search so FileMaker will pick up these records accordingly by wrapping it in stars like *TERM* so it performs partial matching:


"*0111*" finds "A 0111" and "B0111"


How can make this the standard search mode / feature without extensively writing scripts for every layout?