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Does anyone know how to create a conditional value list based on a field with multiple values?

Question asked by jamiedeweese on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hi, all.


First post here since starting to work with Filemaker 15 Pro Advanced about six months ago. So far, I've managed to muddle through fairly well by working my way through others' questions and excellent responses.  But I've finally exhausted my novice's knowledge and patience with what I'm sure is actually a super basic problem with conditional value lists.


In a nutshell, I'm trying to create a conditional value list to help  narrow down subcategory-selection options based selected categories.  Thanks to philmodjunk's detailed and super-useful examples and explanations, I've got everything working just fine when I select only one category. But if I select more than one category in the "parent" field (from a drop-down list), only the values related to the first category selection populate the conditional value list in the next drop down menu for selecting from among different subcategories.


This isn't actually the application, but this invented scenario is probably a more streamlined way to explain than what I'm actually working on:  Suppose I had a database with records for individual high school students capturing the subjects they're studying and the text books they're using. I want to create a separate record for each student, and within each record I want a field that contains their subjects and another that contains their assigned text books.  I'd fill these fields using drop downs.  Since students can study more than one course, I want to be able to select multiple subjects in this first "category" drop-down field.  Then I want a second drop-down limited to related textbooks (my "subcategory").


If I select only English, I'd like to see all the potential text books for English and nothing else.  That's easy enough. I got that to work.  If I select English and math (which are stored as return-separated values), however, I still only see the potential text books for English in the conditional value list. If I reverse the selection order, with math first, I get only math text books in the conditional value list. I need to be able to select multiple categories (subjects) and multiple subcategories (textbooks) for each. 


I've read in a lot of places that when a field contains multiple return-separated values, it should relate them as "or"s in the connected table. But that doesn't seem to be the case here.


(I gather that one workaround would be to have multiple fields, one for each period of the day, and then just have a single subject for each.  But as I mentioned, this isn't the actual application. So I really need to simply have multiple values in a single field because my "students" could have infinite numbers of courses).


I'm attaching a few screenshots to illustrate.  In the pictures you see that if I select "English" as John's subject, I can choose from three different English books for his text books.  If I select "English" and "German," I still only get three English books to choose from and no German ones. I've also attached a screenshot of how I set up the value list for textbooks and the relationship graph.  I really can't figure this one out.