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Google Static Map w/FM Variables: Not Getting a Display

Question asked by wacole1213 on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by user19752

FM16 Advanced, Windows 10

Trying to get the WebViewer to display a Google Static Map with a path drawn between two lat/long points representing a ferry route.  I'm getting this result:


Here's the code that displays it:


If (BurgessPlaces::bp_type = "Ferry" or BurgessPlaces::bp_type = "Ferry w/Ordinary";




<body style='border=0;overflow:hidden'>

<body topmargin=0>

<body leftmargin=0>


<img src=\"" & BurgessSettings::gbpsetting_gmap_apikey & "&path=color:blue%7Cweight:8

       %7C" & BurgessPlaces::bp_geocoord_north & "," & BurgessPlaces::bp_geocoord_east &

       "%7C" & BurgessPlaces::bp_ferry_geocoord_north & "," & BurgessPlaces::bp_ferry_geocoord_east &

"&zoom=" & BurgessPlaces::gbp_map_zoom &

"&size=200x200&maptype=hybrid\" >





GetAsText ( "Not a Ferry" )



The &7C is for the pipe "|" symbol.


I would be very grateful for suggestions about where I've gone wrong.

Thank you very much, indeed.

Bill Cole