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Help! Where am I? And, What year is this?

Question asked by PattyAmende on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by PattyAmende

Our database tracks students that apply to our program. 


To automate the application processing, I wrote a script to import the application data from a csv file. This script checks to see if the student has attended camp in the past; then either adds the application to an existing contact or creates a new contact and adds the applicaiton to it, (two tables:  Contact and Applciation).  The script then prints the application for the committee to review. This process has been working just fine.


However, we now wish to add the historical information to the printed application. In other words, if a student has applied in the past, we want to print that historical data on the applicaiton.  Using a layout from the contact record, I am pulling the historical applicitons into a portal to display.  This is working but I notice that the printed application is pulling data from a historical record instead of the current application. 


I hope this makes sense and that someone can give me some pointers.


Thanks for your help.