FM Go and re-connection

Discussion created by Jean-Francois on Nov 28, 2017
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I use FMS14 with FM Go 15 on iphone.


I created a Webclip to connect easily to my file on my server.


The problem is, every time the iPhone goes into sleep mode or I switch app and return to the FM Go app... it will try to reconnect to the file on the server.


#1- Reconnection time is way too long, it's faster to kill FM Go app and tap on the webclip icon and relog again from the start.


#2- I use a navigation that only display one customer record at the time and it work just fine, until I have (patience) and wait to reconnect to the database (what normally the staff will do). When it reconnects, all 17,000 records are active, and sometime the record that was open before the sleep or app switch is no longer the active record, it will be a random one (well I haven't found a pattern yet if it switch to something else).


Privilege sets use fmrauthenticate30 for everyone.


How can I correct that ?

Do you experience the same problem? Is it something I do ?

Can it be corrected or it's a bad app design ?


Thank you,


PS I won't update to FM go 16 as it require ios10.2 and I need to stay on ios9 for custom app that don't work on ios10 and dev is dead so it will not get update for a long time !!