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How do you fix this?  (FMP 12 Mac runtime)

Question asked by mattb on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by codecruncher

I have a publicly-distributed FMP 12 Mac runtime application which for some customers starts to

launch, but then unexpectedly launches the OSX Font Book application on top and pauses there before the

FMP app completes its own launch.  The most recent instance of this is for OSX 10.13.xx (High Sierra),

but I have seen the same symptoms happen with earlier versions of  OSX as well.  In the past I have told

customers to just take their computer to an Apple Store and they have been able to take care of the problem

but I've never known what the solution actually was.


In this case, it's my actual client, who paid me to develop the program, having the problems, so I'm

now trying to determine what the cause is and its solution.  The font used in the app is standard Arial

(which is present in Font Book) and I've already run the Restore function from Font Book to remove any

possible corrupted fonts (it didn't find any).    Closing Font Book reveals the FMP app underneath which

had only partially launched, and at that point, there's nothing to do but quit out of it.


So...any comments, suggestions, workarounds, or fixes to this issue ??  Thanks...



Matt Bloomfield