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Mail merge on email

Question asked by tbirdroy on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by tbirdroy

I made a bunch of progress tonight, but have one buggy issue. I am using Send Email to attach a PDF to the email, and automatically include text in the email. (This may not exactly classify as Mail Merge). I will attach a picture of the "Send Mail Options" box. I finally got everything to work right (thanks to many people here on this site), and when I click on my little button, it creates the Pdf of the layout, attaches emails, and puts text in the email with the appropriate info from fields (First Name, and a list of items - RepertoireList). That was beyond my expectations! But I tried it on Filemaker Go on my iPhone X and got mixed results. The Pdf is created and attached, the email addresses are put in the right spots, but the text in the email doesn't include the contents of the fields listed, but just the name of the field. Is this a limitation of the iPhone, or is there some tweak that one has to do make it work on both platforms? OK, it works perfectly on my iPad Pro. What's the deal???