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Question asked by sidetrack_ca on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by sidetrack_ca

I need some help with my relationships to display the correct information in a portal. I setup this test file for anyone who is willing to take a look at it for me.  This test file is setup with dummy restaurant data to make more sense.


I have a ::Products table where every item that we sell will ultimately be kept.  There are items like pickles, mayo, hamburger bun, meat patty, plastic cups, etc.  Some of these items are sold to the public (i.e. Apple Pie, Packet of Ranch Sauce, or an extra meat patty).  Others are not sold as separate items but will be used to make up a bundle.


Next table is ::Bundles.  It only has three fields BundleName, Qty, and AssociatedProductName.  Each bundle will contain items from the ::Products table (i.e. BundleName = "Hamburger" and it would contain items like meat patty, pickle, mayo, lettuce, Hamburger Bun.). Each of those items will have an associated costs and sell price that I want to use in calculations.


From a user perspective, they will create product into the ::Products table using the Products » Entry layout.  They will create bundles into the ::Bundles table using the Bundles » Entry layout.  When they enter a bundle and then an Associated product I want the portal (located on the same Bundle » Entry layout to show that a product has been assigned to that bundle by displaying the fields I want in the portal.


Because the ::Products table stores master product data, I don't want to create thousands of records that relate to bundles in there as that would get confusing when someone wanted to search for a product to edit it.


I have tried creating more T.O.s in an effort to get the portal to work the way I want it, but I am missing something here.


I have included screen shots of the tables, layouts, and relationship graphs as well as the file itself.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You!