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Securing Solutions

Question asked by dig on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by PeterDoern

Hi All – I am looking for guidance on how to secure my solutions with customers. I have seen references to and a few other solutions but I was wondering now with encryption standard in 16 if there are more “modern” methods?


I was thinking of a database file on my server with a record for each customer and related required fields such as Activation Code etc, the solution file sold to the customer would “query” over the web my server to the “License File” – this is as far as I have made it in my thought exercise as I was unsure if this is possible or if there was a better way.


I really just want to prevent multiple copies of the solution being used in multiple locations, if the solution is unable to get to the internet or the customer prevents it (which is fine) then I will have a manual process, where the solution generates a new registration code if it has not been able to reach the license server; which needs to be email or the like for a new activation code.


Happy to read or be guided, thanks.