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Printing from FMGo on an iPad (using Bluetooth) to a Brother QL-820NWB

Question asked by sfarnsworth on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by bfalasiri

I'm fairly new to filemaker development and do not have a background in web development so please bear with me.


End goal is that I need to print barcodes. The connection from the iPad to the printer is using bluetooth not wireless.

Here's what I know so far:

  • I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced on my Mac laptop and programming it for an iPad
  • I can print via bluetooth from my mac using my current script to the printer. So I disconnected my mac and connected it to the tablet.
  • I can print from the Brother app to the printer, but not from FMGo to the printer.

In my script I have these two lines

  • "Print Setup [Restore ; With dialog: On]" step  & "Print [Restore: (the brother printer name) ; With dialog: On ]

When I try to print from the iPad, the print options come up and it doesn't show the brother printers name, it shows the nearest wireless printer. When I scroll through the given printer options it doesn't even recognize the connection to the Brother printer.


Are there any work arounds for this? I saw some responses back that mentioned a bot, but i'm not sure the company I work for would purchase that so I'd like to exhaust all my options first before I bring that too them as an option. And yup the other option I'll be mentioning is to allow the printer to have network access so it can be used wirelessly.