Save individual PDF to desktop from found set - with their own specific name

Discussion created by ajayz on Nov 29, 2017
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Good morning,

I have a database of Engineer Inspections that our Engineers complete on their iPad's in the field.  At the end of each month, I need to generate a separate PDF for each site inspected with the name of that site. 

(the client wants individual PDF's not one large print out).


Currently I use a PDF button that prints the current selected record my desktop - however, I need to press this button a number of times to per month. Some months can have 50 inspections.


This is part of the script I use for my Pdf to desktop button - there are a number of different types of structural reports used.


script 1.png


I also have a script that automatically searches for all inspections created last month (this would be the found set I would like to automatically generate separate PDF's to my desktop from each record found)


script 2.png


I just need help to joint these two script together that will allow me to press a button that searches for all inspections created last month and then starts saving individual PDF's for each record found onto my desktop with the panels and panel name as the file name:


script 3.png


Thanks for your help.