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Export only completed records

Question asked by MattW_1 on Nov 30, 2017
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We have a simple filemaker file that records a "location" and "quantity" and then exports out that data to a CSV file once an hour. One concern I have is if a filemaker Go client is entering in data at lets say 11:59 and the export happens at 12pm. Lets say that client enters in a “location” but didn’t enter in a quantity in time for that export, then only the location would be sent to the csv.


I’m wondering what the best practice would be to ensure that only full records (location, quantity) are send out to the CSV file and anything that’s “in-process” is held for the next update. Do I need to flag completed entries and then export only those flagged entries? Or is there a better solution. If I “commit a record” is it possible to only export out “committed records”?