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Cannot Open FMS Admin Console login page

Question asked by fmdataweb on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by theroth

I have FMS 16.0.3 installed on Mac OS 10.12.6 - this is just on my local machine for development/testing purposes. I was wanting to play with the Data API so I enabled SSL using the supplied self signed certificate, and I can successfully navigate to these pages:





but now when I try and open the Admin Console running locally via:




I get  the "Safari can't open the page" error:


Safari can’t open the page “https://localhost:16001/admin-console” because Safari can’t establish a secure connection to the server “localhost”


I've restarted twice but nothing I've tried so far has restored access to the Admin Console - not sure what else to try at this point?