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Store container field data on remote server.

Question asked by on Nov 30, 2017
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Hello Community,


I have a scenario here.


I have an engineering team who go out and do work for customer and take photos. In FileMaker, I have a layout which shows customers work and photos etc.. All work lovely!


I have an another separate layout  photos with one big photo field so when user click on photo, it open new window with bigger photo. However, users want to be able to zoom in and out simply by scrolling. And FileMaker don't have such feature where it would allow you to zoom in and out by scrolling.


So what I come up with an idea of importing all photos to local directory, than using a webviewer which would map the photos from directory. This way I can zoom in and out photos but this means every time user will take a new photo, they will have to be imported to local directory first, so than can be shown in webviewer.


I don't want to download photo every time I take new one.


So I started looking at storing FM container field data externally from the ->option->storage. So every time user take a photo, It can be stored in FM but also in remote directory.


I want to save photos on FileMaker Server directory, than I can get my web viewer to look for photo from that directory.


I tried "Get(DocumentPath)", but it didn't work.



So my question is 2 part question.

1) Is this is the right method of storing photos automatically. So when new photo gets taken, it can automatically be saved in FM but also in the external folder.


2) What path I give to the "open storage" so photos get saved in one of the folder on FM server, and how can I can get my web viewer to look for the photos form a folder which is on the FM server machine rather than the  user local machine.


Many Thanks



Many Thanks.