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Converted fmp5 portal cease to work in fmp12 format

Question asked by perap on Nov 30, 2017
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I have used a Filemaker database for c. 20 years, and it have worked fine. For the last 15 years I used Filmaker pro 6 but now it begins to be to slow (to much data in the base?). I have converted all the files to fmp12 format. Nearly everything worked or was easy to fix, but one thing did not work. I have tried to Google but found nothing, most likely because it is so simple that few have problem with it... :-).




I have a portal that shows all literature about one site, so it is linked via the site name to the rest of the database. That works. But in literature table there are many columns and one of them can contain a lot of text. So in the Filmaker Pro 6 version this worked as when I clicked on one of the literature field in the portal, then the other columns in the same table-row showed to the right as seen in the picture. In the picture I just clicked on the Palmgren & Martinsson-Wallin 2015 and the abstract from that article is shown to the right. But in the fmp12 format it is always just the first row that is shown (in this case Apel et al. 2017) regardless which row in the portal I click on. I have not found any way to show and edit the others rows, so at the moment I have to continue using Filemaker Pro 6.


Can anybody help?


Greetings from Norway!