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Connecting FileMaker to

Question asked by user28771 on Nov 30, 2017

Hi all,


I'm developing a solution in FileMaker which I want to connect to my account. I've been doing this following "OAuth 2.0 with JWT (Server Authentication)" as I want the app to connect with Box, not the users. My objective is for the app to pull down tags and other information about files which have been uploaded to the Box.  As this is not being done through one of the standard APIs on I've been following the instructions here - - to try and construct the JWT manually to authenticate with the box.


I'm using the public/private key generated by the box so went straight to section 3 of this page and authorised the application.  Moving on to section 4, I have created the header and claims and did the base64 encoding. However there is no guidance for creating the signature but I have used the information on this site - - to help with this. 


However I'm struggling to Constructing the OAuth2 Request and get a response from  I've tried setting the 'secret' in the encoded signature to be both the box client secret ID and the private key too but neither option returns a result.  I've also tried to post using the command line on my Mac and it comes back with an error saying "OpenSSL unable to verify data...".


I know you have to sign the JWT with an RSA Key so I presume this error is a result of me not doing this, but unless I'm missing something obvious I'm not sure how/where this step should be done.


Has anyone had any experience of connecting their application to who could give some help and guidance on where I'm going wrong?


Thanks in advance for your time and support,