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Create account via script step

Question asked by mobara on Nov 30, 2017
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I am trying to write a script to have people  complete an online application for hire. To secure the information, I am trying to write a script to have them "register" to create a user account. Once created, then re-login to create new record to complete the online application. To secure that they can only see their record I plan to use  "Record_created_by = Get ( AccountName )" I have tried several approaches, but am stuck on how to create the account with a specific privilege set (Applicant). My thought was to log in as guest to get username (email address), password, and name then use re-login to create their record so that the "Record_created_by = Get ( AccountName )" will work. I assume someone has already done this many times over, and I am looking for ideas or a sample script that I can use.


Thanks, Mike