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Set Next Serial Value & new record

Question asked by walt105 on Nov 30, 2017
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Hi, I am creating a note pad and want to name each page (or record) in this format: YYYY_MMDD_serial number

(this number is not the ID, just the name I show on the print)

The serial number restarts each day on 1.

The page name field is created with a calculation that gets the current date in the format I want & the field Images::_Image_serialnumber. So far so good.


I have created a button to create a new record with a script:


Go to Layout ["Images" (Images)]

Go to Record/Request/Page [last]

If [Images::Date_created ≠ Get (CurrentDate)]

    Set Next Serial Value [Images::_Image_serialnumber; 1 ]

End If

New Record/Request


That works fine, but:

Besides my own button on a layout, FM also has a 'New Record" button on the tool bar and menu.

Using these buttons to create a new record obviously does not initiate my script.

Question: how do I set it up that my field Images::_Image_serialnumber uses my script (or resets each day) for each new record, even when I use the tool bar or menu buttons?