FMPA16 Client via SSH Tunnel to FMS16

Discussion created by meteodave on Nov 30, 2017
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Configuration Description:

Filemaker Server 16 ( on Mac OS X High Sierra (10.13.1)

Filemaker Pro Advanced 16 ( on Windows 10

SSH Tunneling Port 5003


FMPA Open remote address:   localhost




Due to new network requirements, the FMPA client can only connect to the FM server over the SSH tunnel connection.  If I setup the SSH tunnel using PUTTY (forwarding local port 5003 to remote 5003), I can connect successfully to the server and find the shared databases.  When I select a remote database, it may open after using the login credentials or immediately attempt to "Open File" on the Windows system instead of on the server as it would without the tunneling (If cancelling the dialog box, it will return "the file could not be opened. Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host." dialog box).    However, the database file is open and available.  In some cases when the database file opens (usually smaller database files with few external data sources), the database will open but after 30 seconds to a few minutes, the connection will be lost with the FM server and a prompt to reconnect will be provided (which may or may not be successful).  The FMPA client may close faster if attempted to operate on the database associated with an external database via a relationship (which prompts again for the Open File dialog).  The FM server reports the warnings 10 and error 51 showing "'Client  [[::1]]' no longer responding; connection closed (10).  The FM server appears to report the client as a localhost with IP address "[::1]".  I expected FMPA client work with the FM server since the SSH tunneling should replicate the client accessing the server locally on port 5003. I can open the admin console on the remote 16000 port without an issue.



The issue appears to be related to other current threads regarding "File Open Remote:" and "Crashing"



Further Information:

I have changed the Open Remote Favorite link to use the Windows PC IP address (instead of localhost) and the initial connection finds all of the databases however the database apparently connects and disconnects frequently and then looses connection with all related databases.   FM Server reports many consecutive connections of the same database every few seconds.




The list continues cycling with the oldest one closing and another one being added.  The Admin Console status indicates Warning (51) each time the database instance is closed.


Even the FileMaker test database produces an error after a few minutes: