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Different sorting behaviour in Filemaker 12 and 14

Question asked by user24661 on Dec 3, 2017
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I'm having some strange behavioural differences between my copy of Filemaker 12 and my copy of Filemaker 14. Filemaker 14 is acting as I expect it to. I need to fix the problem for Filemaker 12 as many other users in my workplace only have 12.


I have an invoice layout, on table SALESINVOICELINES with a leading subsummary by Invoice ID (which acts as the header) and a subsummary by a field from the products table (linked from SALESINVOICELINES to PRODUCTS by product ID) which sorts the SALESINVOICELINES by ambient, chilled, or frozen.

The Invoice ID subsummary is set to 'page break before each occurence' but the products table subsummary is not.

The script sorts the data first by Invoice ID and then by the field in the products table.


I expect to get the first attachment, which I do in Filemaker 14, but in Filemaker 12 there is a page break before each products subsummary.


Any help would be appreciated.


Many thanks