XenServer Disks Question

Discussion created by user10625 on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2017 by bigtom

We are looking to build a new Filemaker Server on top of a XenServer Windows Server 2016 standard edition virtual machine.  


I believe this is all fine . . but I do have a question about disk access and I/O speed.


This database has so far been running with 6 physically separate disks arranged in 3 RAID 1 logical drives:   an OS drive (which has the Progressive Backups), a data drive (with the Live Database Files) , and a Backups drive (with the regular hourly backups).   AFAIK this is still a Filemaker Server best practice.


On a XenServer, there would really only be one gigantic RAID 5 array and logical drive hosting multiple virtual hard drives.  So the question is . . might this be an issue?  Or should I not worry about it?


This is a pretty busy database . . .  often up to 40 users, banging away at about 100+ tables, with records counts, at the high end, in the 100K range (a few tables have millions of records).  Files are about 1-3GB in size.

We'll be moving to Server v 16 when we set this up.  (We're currently on Server v 14.)


The physical specs of the machine and disk we’re looking at are:  24GB RAM, 4 quad core 2.67GHz processors, and 800GB disk space.