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How can I display summary information in a portal?

Question asked by juandent on Dec 1, 2017
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I have a StatementLines table with main fields like so:


Date, Concept, LocalAmount, CategoryName, ...


And summary fields that calculate the TotalLocalAmount per Category ... this forces me to sort the main table ocurrence by CategoryName. I can chart this easily (with some help!). The chart displays the CategoryNames as X-axis and the TotalLocalAmounts as Y-axis, and it is sorted so the higher TotalLocalAmounts appear first.


Thats fine, but there are many categories and the chart just becomes too unwieldy. So, I am looking how I can display only a certain percentage of the categories, or from a certain range of TotalLocalAmounts. Yet, I can't figure how because one cannot create a Find by specifying a calculated or summary field's contents.


So I thought I could create a portal with the summary fields of the main table or another table ocurrence of the main table united by a cartesian product, but it does not display summary fields - it only displays the records of the main table.


So, I am at a loss as to how to deal with this...



Would appreciate any help!!