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Importing Simple Excel Rows Or Csv ? Probably easy but I'm new

Question asked by roylee on Dec 3, 2017
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Hi All,

     Using a tool that's Made with FM Pro, Called Process Master. so not sure entirely of the exact underlying DB structure..


However hopefully that doesn't matter as far as importing.

I can successfully EXPORT a report of jobs (records), and when so doing in Excel for example, the Excel Columns are assigned variable names.. There fore.. what I'm thinking and hoping , is that the File- Import option will work by simply

Importing an Excel file in the SAME EXACT format as the one that the Process Master  (or File Maker Pro) Exported?


Does that sound right? If it does I'm just left with 2 questions

   1) the export only exports  CERTAIN fields, How would I ascertain the exact field names for the Remaining fields I want to Export/Import ?  (the Export was pre programmed by the developer who made us the SW


  2) If my above method of importing sounds at least reasonable, how do I make sure I won't OVER WRITE existing jobs when importing?  Must I remove The Job ID column name from the excel and then FM Pro will create a Job ID for it?  or am I responsible for assigning the Column a valid, previousy unused Job ID ?  (which I suspect is 1 of the primary keys in the underlying DB)