Slide control animation objects distorted

Discussion created by frankgrimes1776 on Dec 2, 2017
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Dell Inspiron 17 5000 series


Description - I have a slide control on my layout.  In the panels are buttons that have shadow formatting when the button is in Hover state.  I also have some non button objects that just have a shadow under normal status.  When the animation is sliding, instead of the shadows I am seeing solid black where there should be shadow.  It also shows the black blocks on the buttons that only show shadows on hover.  Below is a screenshot during animation that shows the blocking:



I was able to capture a screenshot while animation is on.  The black block is a shadow with the object in a normal state, not on hover.  The shadow below that is showing fine.  The only difference is the one showing the black block is a container field and the one showing correctly is just a rectangle.


How to replicate - Create a slide control with a button or a container field with a shadow.  when sliding between panels shadow turns to a solid color block.  The bigger the blur, the bigger the color block gets.


Workaround - None found at this time