Save Found Record as PDF to FMServer Drive

Discussion created by dennismoorejr on Dec 2, 2017
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I have a script that creates a pdf from a found record.  I would like the pdf that is created to be saved in the FM Servers    hard drive in a folder /Macintosh HD/Users/JK/Documents/Receipts/


Is this possible.  I have experimented with file paths but have had no luck.


Also I can't seem to find the trick to save the pdf with the found record information in the file name.


For example the contact in the found record is John Kennedy.


I would like to save the file name as Receipt_<<contact::CompleteName>>.pdf


The goal is to have the file Receipt_John Kennedy.pdf be saved to the

FMServer Machine/Macintosh HD/Users/JK/Documents/Receipts/


Thanks in advance.