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Question asked by yancmo on Dec 3, 2017
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Im working on a flash card app for my iPhone.

The idea is a page of subjects made of portal rows.

Clicking a subject takes you to a page with 3 sliding tabs. Tab 1 is Description of subject; Tab 2 is a random question; tab 3 is its answer. Then swipe the tab for a new question and then swipe again for a new answer and so on.

Then some buttons to take you back to the Subject page and maybe one to refresh the questions.


I have all of the above laid out, tables and relationships are made and for the most part it’s working in my app.


Where I’ve hit my roadblock is making a script to pull a new question and it’s answer on the slides. I have it showing Question 1 and it’s Answer but that as far as I’ve been able to get. And of course I’d like to mark that Question as used for this session only. ”OnClose” will forget everything for this session.


The basic structure of the data is:

Subjects pkID - each subject is a record

     1 field each of Bulleted Descriptions


Questions pkID

     10 Fields with 1-10 questions (per subject) with image(s) on a few questions

    And a random number field for each of the questions.


Answers pkID

      10 Fields with 1 Answer based on amount of questions above with image(s) on a few questions (not necessarily from the same question)








I hope this all makes sense to someone. I look forward to your ideas and suggestions. And I am not set on any way of doing this. This is just what’s in my mind.