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Self refreshing web app using FileMaker PHP

Question asked by velistar on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by jvagla

Hi all,


I am building a multi-user web app that will use FileMaker as a backend and connect to the DB via PHP. The actual specifics of the web app are irrelevant but the basic idea is to build a monitoring dashboard. This needs a constant updating of live info much similar to what FileMaker is doing anyway where one user is updating the record and this is pushed to all users.


Is there anyway of replicating this behaviour with CWP? From what I understand it's only updating information on a page when it is requested by the web application. Obviously querying the DB continuously like every 1 second to get all the dashboard data would be very computationally expensive.


One solution that I have thought of, but not tested just yet, is to have an MD5 hash calculation on the modification timestamp for all the records in a table. This way the hash is updated every time there is a record change. The web app would just call every 1 second and test this hash which is far shorter.


Any other ideas?